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Wacom Manga & Anime Days is a unique 3-day online event featuring presentations, workshops, and portfolio reviews, aimed at assisting creatives and enthusiasts of Japanese Manga & Anime art.

  • Learn new skills or improve your existing skillset in workshop sessions
  • Discover how to develop ideas into stunning images.
  • Listen to top creatives from Japan and around the world share their insights and experiences on how to pursue a career.
  • Get expert advice on how to put together an impactful portfolio, including live reviews

28 July
Day 1

Discover how to take your art to the next level, with portfolio advice, tips, and tricks from leading artists

Artwork by: Yoshida Seiji

11:00 CEST | 10:00 GMT+1 | 18:00 JST

Portfolio and Art Review
Live-Viewing Only!

with Seiji Yoshida

Background artist and illustratoır Seiji Yoshida will review portfolios and artworks of selected audience members live.

15:00 CEST | 14:00 GMT+1 | 22:00 JST

History & story of a
Manga page

with Kenny Ruiz

We are going to make a manga page in four steps, where we will use various Clip Studio EX tools, which will help us plan the work:

Nemu: Composition and narrative.
Sketch: Dialogues, frames, and sketches in Blue.
Ink: final art with different nibs.
Screentones: Use layers of gray tones and effects.

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19:00 CEST | 18:00 GMT+1 | 02:00 JST

Insights & tips on pursuing a career as an artist

with Jose Vega

Jose will talk about how to navigate and pursue a career in creating Manga and Anime art as well as broader industry perspective with insights, experiences, reflections from his own career.

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29 July
Day 2


Talks with experts will give you the opportunity to learn about their personal experience and each step of their creative process

Artwork by: AF_Kuro

11:00 CEST | 10:00 GMT+1 | 18:00 JST

Mechanical Design in Japanese Art

with PALOW., AF_Kuro, and Ewokaku Peter

In this panel discussion, moderated by PALOW., AF_Kuro, and Ewokaku PETER will talk about mechanical design and its roots in Japanese art.

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15:00 CEST | 14:00 GMT+1 | 22:00 JST

How to prepare and retouch cosplay photoshoots at home

with Shiroku

In this session, J-Pop singer and cosplayer Shiroku will talk about how she prepares her cosplay photoshoots from planning to retouch process. Shiro will share tips, insights, and answer your questions 

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19:00 CEST | 18:00 GMT+1 | 02:00 JST

Creating Manga art in a traditional style with Clip Studio Paint

with ZeldaCW

In this session, Zelda will demonstrate some of her usual coloring methods to achieve traditional-looking art using the digital tools of Clip Studio Paint and the Wacom Cintiq.

During Zelda's talk, you will see

  • How to make a simple shaded sketch on textured paper
  • How to make good use of the lasso tool for watercolor style art
  • How to add finishing touches to a rendered painting using materials and layer blending modes

Zelda will walk through a live demo and you’ll be able to ask her questions about the painting process. We look forward to seeing you there

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30 July
Day 3

Learn new techniques on your art and celebrate creative chaos.

Artwork by: Darek Zabrocki

11:00 CEST | 10:00 GMT+1 | 18:00 JST

Artist careers with fan subscription services

with Naoki Saito and Pixiv

In this session, Naoki Saito and the staff of pixivFANBOX, a fan subscription service, will discuss how artists can survive with the fan subscription service such as Patreon and pixivFANBOX as a new way to live as artists.

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13:00 CEST | 12:00 GMT+1 | 20:00 JST

#CookWith / #DrawWith

with Nobu Ide

In this two-hour session of pure creative chaos, we invite you to join us in preparing Wacom CEO Nobu Ide's favorite dish. With surprise guests and performances, Nobu will talk about creativity and how our creative spark is ever influenced by our culture and the countless inspirations that are woven around us. 

You are strongly encouraged to join Nobu in preparing the dish in your own kitchen or simply grab your pen to join the live-drawing.

Follow Wacom Instagram to get the ingredients list before the session.

19:00 CEST | 18:00 GMT+1 | 02:00 JST

Cell shading coloring using Clip Studio Paint

with Carles Dalmau

In this session, Carles will show you how he makes the cell shading coloring of his characters in a very simple way, using Clipstudio Paint and the Wacom One.

During the talk you will learn:

  • How to pick different colors for your characters
  • How to apply a cell shading rendering with different light sources.
  • An overview of how to apply this knowledge into a full illustration with a background.

Carles will walk through a live teaching demo and you’ll be able to ask him questions about his painting process. We look forward to seeing you there!

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30 July

Do not miss this exclusive session with Saturday AM

Saturday AM Bonus Session

21:00 CEST | 20:00 GMT+1 | 15:00 ET

Exploring the Indie Manga Market
with Saturday AM

Saturday AM's founder and star-artists, Whyt Manga and Jeyodin invite you to a powerhouse 2-hour discussion on their path to creating popular DIVERSE Manga.
During Saturday AM's discussion, you will see:

  • How to make a successful publishing brand with social media
  • How to create popular diverse characters in the manga style
  • How to use digital tools for creating your unique manga
  • Saturday AM will REVEAL a MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT while Whyt Manga and Jeyodin compete in a drawing event where YOU GET TO ASK US QUESTIONS.
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Your Questions Answered


How do these sessions work?


You will receive an e-mail after you complete your registration. You will find the links to the sessions inside that e-mail. Click on the links on the day of the event and you can watch the sessions live.


Do I have to register for each session I want to attend?


Not at all, our registration form is a single sign-up that will allow you to join EVERY session, it's up to you to choose which ones you want to watch live.


I really want to watch these sessions but I have an exam/deadline/meeting/date, can I watch them later?


Absolutely, almost all of our sessions will be recorded, and soon after the event is over, we will make them available on our YouTube channel. Make sure you are subscribed to our newsletters to know when they're available. Check out the events with Live-Viewing Only! label to see those that will not be available for for viewing later.


Do I need to own a Wacom product, or any specific tools to join these sessions?


Whether you are working on a Wacom, pen & paper, or any other device, you are free to join our sessions.


Are these session free? Is there a fee?


This event is completely free.


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